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Concentrace contains the full spectrum of minerals in a balance natural to the body.

Trace Minerals Research uses a completely natural process that removes 99.9% of the sodium content, giving a formula approx. 26 times more concentrated that any other liquid trace mineral supplement on the market. No other mineral supplement is as naturally powerful.

We believe that our prices offer the best value in the UK and offer a discount of approximately 10% off the retail price.

Postal charges start at 3.95 for delivery anywhere in Europe. Please contact us for shipping prices for orders outside of Europe.

Using our ordering system below, you may pay by either credit card or by PayPal.

In addition to Concentrace, we have a wide range of natural food supplements available at www.lifesupplies.co.uk

Retail customers order page

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We offer Concentrace CMD at the following discounted prices-

60ml      (33 - 50 days supply)                      

114ml    (66 - 100 days supply)                   

240ml    (132 - 200 days supply)                  

RRP 13.95      Your price   13.25

RRP 21.95      Your price   20.40

RRP 34.95      Your price   32.65

Our importer has unexpectedly increased the cost of Concentrace CMD to us and we have no option, but deeply regret, having to raise our prices accordingly, however the bottle sizes have also been increased. This is our first increase in ten years and our new discounted price is the same as the original RRP used to be.